Traffic Wardens

Timetable for Junior Wardens 2019/2020

Traffic Wardens



Scoil Mháirtín operates a children’s Traffic Warden system every morning and evening. The Traffic Wardens are carrying out their job on a voluntary basis. The Traffic Wardens have received training from our local guard and must adhere strictly to this training in the mornings and evenings. They rely on the co-operation of the pedestrians in order for the pedestrian crossing to work efficiently and safely every day.

Leading up to the pedestrian crossing, there is a double yellow line which means no parking in this area. The Traffic Wardens prepare for the pedestrians to cross every day by placing traffic cones along these double yellow lines to ensure no cars park there, creating a clear view for everyone before crossing. These traffic cones must never be moved as they ensure the safety of both the Traffic Wardens and pedestrians alike.

Pedestrians must walk at the pedestrian crossing and never run. Cyclists must dismount and walk across the pedestrian crossing with their bicycles.

How to cross the road with the Traffic Wardens:

  1. Stand on the footpath at the pedestrian crossing.
  2. The Pedestrian lights consist of a set of traffic lights for drivers and a set of light signals for pedestrians. There is a push button for pedestrians which the Traffic Wardens and only the Traffic Wardens are allowed to press when crossing with them.
  3. When the green man appears, the Traffic Wardens walk out into the centre of the crossing and the leader shouts “STOP THE TRAFFIC, TAKE POSITIONS. When the Wardens are sure that the traffic has stopped they shout “CROSS NOW” and the pedestrians cross the road.
  4. Once all the pedestrians have crossed safely and there aren’t any more pedestrians waiting to cross, the wardens shout “ALL CLEAR” and they return to their positions on the footpath.