• School begins at 9.20am every morning. Children go home at 2pm for Infants and 3pm for 1st to 6th classes. Break times are at 11am – 11.10am for small break and 12.50pm – 1.20pm for lunch.
  • The pedestrian access gate opens in the morning at 9.10am and children line up in their class groupings under the supervision of school staff. Access to the school for the children should always be through the pedestrian gates and never through the car park gate. The car park is for staff cars and deliveries only.
  • School reception is located to the left of the front of the building.
  • If you wish to meet with the principal or one of the teachers, you must make an appointment with the school secretary. For contact information click here.
  • Please contact us if you have a change of address, phone number or email as it is important that you receive all school communications, end of year reports and in the case of an emergency with your child here in the school.
  • It is important that parents inform the school of their child’s medical conditions if applicable and appropriate medication e.g. inhalers, epi pens, are available to the children in their classrooms.